Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hattie Tackles Semi-Solid Food

I mean, I know it's a little early, but she was born into a family that really values food - she could use the practice.

Here she is!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Noella-isms: Summer 2013 Edition

-After brushing her teeth, she rushes out to me and exclaims "Mom! Look at my peaceful teeth!"
-While narrating the letter she is "writing" she ends it with "UPS.... Please don't forget to bring treats"
-While rummaging through the basket containing all of Hattie's bottles and nipples she gets hopelessly frustrated and cries out for me to "PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS NIBBLE!" (In other news, Hattie won't have anything to do with those damn nibbles and bottles!)
-After a very, very, VERY trying day with her (Adam was gone for part of the week), she begins to pull even more crap at bedtime. I very exhaustedly say "Noella, come on.....!". She responds with "Mom, I don't mean to make you upset...."

** This is a pathetic list. She has done 100 even cuter, funnier things, but alas life gets in the way and I don't write them down, much less blog about them. This girl is something else. Daily, I have to be her "audience" that watches her dance recklessly while singing a made up song at the top of her lungs. She usually wants to wear her Ariel mermaid costume to places like CostCo and Michaels. She has to bring her dollar store fake flowers and purple parasol everywhere we go. I hope she never loses her spirit and flair.

I just don't even know where this fascination came from

Even if she's mostly naked, we are NEVER without accessories

Watching "The Sound of Music", her new fav. She strives to be Liesl most days.

Her new favorite accessory 

And always silly

Cuppa Tea?!

When I was out for a MTB ride sunday morning, Adam had the chill'uns. Noella wanted to have a tea party. Hattie was "most obliged". He said she grabbed the cup and automatically put it to her mouth, which was hilarious. These pictures are so funny to me. 

In somewhat related news, Noella's pretend play now incorporates a British accent (most likely from her obsession with Angelina Ballerina). It's very cute, until she makes me play along as the character "Alice" while we're in the grocery store (this means I must speak to her about all things ballet in a British accent while in a public place..... I know, she gets this from me). 

"Don't mind if I do"


"It's delightful, thanks Madame"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Four Month Photo Shoot: The Many Faces of Hattie


I may be biased, but she's pretty damn cute if I do say so myself. 

Splash 'n Dash

Noella continues to add to her summer competitive racing list. The Deschutes Splash 'n Dash was the next one in the series. It earned her a free ice cream (which was her main reason for participating, I'm sure). Her friend, Ruth, joined as well. 

Warming up pre-race with a little Zumba



And she's off, down the big inflatable slide, into a pool of water

Through the tires.

Over obstacles

Across the monkey bars (can you believe this girl is 3.5?)

Through the water

Down the teeter totter

Through the tunnel

And the last obstacle....

Ah.... ice cream.

Hattie was her biggest fan

Racing buds

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hattie Lately

Miss Hattie June is a sweet and good baby. She doesn't ask for too much, unless she's tired, then she wants what she wants when she wants it. And that usually means holding her, facing out, with an arm under her legs.... 

Guess what? She rolled over today! It was so anticlimatic. As I watched her to do it, it seemed as though she had calculated each movement precisely before actually trying the act itself (I have NO idea who this reminds me of.... ahem, Adam!). She just sort of slowly leaned, and rolled with such control. And then did it perfectly 3 more times. She's a genius for sure. 

Smiles for Daddy

I left the room for two minutes and came back to this. 

Gosh, it's hard not to smile and see this - right? 

And I will finish up this post, with a new video of Hattie. She has become quite the Chatty Hattie

Noella Lately

First time at the dentist

We celebrated with a sugary drink.... naturally

Continuing to excel at her big sister duties

Playing board games

Berries with balsamic vinegar.... her palate is so refined

Her creative abilities continue to astound me daily

As well as her dramatic abilities

But, she wouldn't be our child if she didn't love the outdoors, that's for sure!

She's a good girl. Even though she continues to test us daily, and her whining can make anybody's ears hurt - she is truly a great kid. She is growing like a WEED. All of her dresses that I bought for the spring are now too short. Yep, that's right - 4Ts are too small for this 3.5 year old. I'm considering buying size 6.... and that sounds way too old. 

I'll wrap up this Noella post with this dancing video: Noella's Black Swan Rendition

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hattie's First Trip to Missouri

Well, we are back from the epic summer Missouri trip. Adam was there for 10 days and us girls were there for a whopping 18 days! Holy cow!

I don't even know where to start. It was so nice to visit with family and friends. Like always, it was still a whirlwind, but at least with didn't have the complicating factor of the holidays to weigh down our visit. I'll let the pictures do the talking.....

Story time with Aunt Maggie

Precious time with Nana and Papa
Where's Waldo with Uncle Alex
 Nana and Papa Holt threw a big shin-dig while we were there, so we could see everyone in one place and have a little fun. The weather was perfect and so was the party. Thank you Nana and Papa!
The Gracious Hosts of the super fun party!

Groff/Kuenzie Girls and the Holt Girls

Noella and Daddy


Calvin, getting an early start before the party begins

Aunt Maggie and some cute babies

"You listen here, Hattie" - Calvin

Art with Nana

Cheerios in Nana and Papa's backyard with Cousin Lucy
This series of photos cracks me up. Needless to say, our timing was a little off. Not to mention, both of my girls decided to grow inches (and subsequently outgrow their dresses) before we were able to get our cute matching pictures with the Holt/Bleckman cousins.

Cousin Martha took Noella to the City Pool. 
And got her several slushies while we were there.

But who needs the city pool, when you have this one in Meem's driveway?
Hide 'n Seek with cousins Will and Hope. Noella needs to work on her hiding skills....

Stories with Hope and Will

Hattie's first pool experience!! She's bewildered by it all.


Post pool relaxing

When did this one grow up? Sometime while we were in Missouri...

Meeting Auntie Erin. I think she likes her....

Older cousins wear Noella out. 

We even fit a playdate in with friends! Parker, Knox (hiding in the back) and Frannie! (Not pictured: Nora and Hattie). Thank you Nicole and Maureen for the fun!

Connor family reunion time! 

Sweet girls.

Cousin Drew, pushing Noella

Sweet cousin Emma. 

Ruthie's clan at the Connor Family Reunion (not pictured: Isabel, Martha, David and Adam)

Uncle Bill and Hattie (he's done this a few times before...)

I think Hattie liked meeting everyone. 
Needless to say, we enjoyed our visit. Eighteen days is a little long for this family to be away from their beds and routine, but it was well worth the sacrifice. We love all of you so much and are so happy to have you in our lives (even if from a distance). Until next time.......