Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lucy is So Very Big

Father's Day Hike: Tamanawas Falls

Noella's gift to her dear father was being a little angel all day, even when we took her on a almost two hour hike.

She sure does love her daddy, and I think that's pretty smart, because it doesn't get any better than him!

Tamanawas Falls, near Mt. Hood (yet another Curious Gorge Guidebook entry checked off our list. Hello Scott Cook if you're reading).

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cinders and Ashes!

This is her surprised "train" face (if any of you have seen the show)
Noella got to visit Thomas the Tank Engine today:

Checking out the Hood River from the train window
This rocks. You guys are the best parents ever.
Clapping for Thomas
Being brave and standing outside at the front of the train.

Imagination Station!

Our little white trash baby with the train tattoo on her forearm. She must have kissed it 20 times tonight...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In their respective "N" and "L" shirts. Thanks Aunt Maggie!

"Weeee Woosie!"

Making something delicious, no doubt.


This is all Lucy did all weekend. Smile.

Way to ruin this awesomely perfect shot, Noella, by picking your nose.

Good times were had by all! Noella needs more cousins to come and visit her. :) Thanks for coming Lucy, Maggie and Hawk-awk (Uncle Matt). Noella is still asking about you all.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend "Bend"er

We hardly EVER have visitors and the rest of the week and weekend we will be joined by Maggie, Matt and their bundle of joy Lucy (or "Woosie" as Noella likes to say).  This is very exciting A) because we never have visitors and B) because we haven't seen Maggie, Matt and Lucy since Christmas and C) both girls have grown so much in the past 5 months and we are so excited to watch them interact with each other. Stay tuned for utter and complete cuteness in the blog following their visit.

Noella five months ago
Lucy five months ago
While they are here, we are heading to good 'ole Bend, OR (our go-to weekend trip). I am racing in the Dirty Half again and we are all going to make a weekend out of it. We rented a house and are going to show The Bleckmans the glories of Bend.

Anyone remember this picture? Last year at the "Dirty Half"

 AND..... It is Adam's birthday weekend, so that makes it all the more special. Happy early birthday to the best man I know and love.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Toddler Triathlon

Just some highlights of the toddler triathlon that Noella took part in today. 

Here she is heading into the water:

In the transition area:

Now, on to the bike portion of the course:

And last, she still has some juice for the run: 

Okay, no - not really. But after I took these pictures today at the Waterfront Park, I realized how much that's what it looked like. She seems to be a true Northwestern Baby bouncing around in bloomers and wading in the Columbia River when it hits a balmy 75 degrees.