Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hattie Lately....


We are just so in love with her!

This little smiley, drooley bundle is starting to scoot around. Her preferred method is rolling and turning, but she is able to if it seem worth it enough for her.

See Hattie scooting here. You'll see in the video, she gets one scooch in, and then stops, looks around like "is this worth it? I mean, here is a pretty fun toy right here, but I DO really want that cell phone cover..."

She also has 2.75 teeth (that top bugger just is killing me!), can say da-da-da (in varying pitches. her favorite: an octave above soprano...), bbbbbbb (raspberry like), ma-ma-ma (when she's very sad) and sometimes na-na-na (when she's mad). She snorts when she laughs, loves squeaky toys and books. Boy is she a delight. She's a good sleeper and eater and LOVES to watch Noella whatever she is doing (no big shocker there. this totally helps to boost Noella's desire to perform). Did I mention she's already SEVEN MONTHS OLD?!

It's Been a Spook-tacular Holiday!

Happy Halloween! Life just keeps getting better and better!