Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashback Friday

Noella, surfing on a piece of driftwood on the Columbia. Near our old condo in Mosier.

For the G-Parents

Since the only person in our family (outside of our immediate) who has met Hattie is Meems, I felt that Nana and Papa, Aunts, Uncles and cousins needed a little more of Hattie June.

Here she is in all her cuteness!

Hattie 10 Weeks

Noella, Lately

Noella is growing like a weed as well. Continuing to be a ham and a well established artist (in the nude).

She is also assuming the role of big sister quite well.

"Want a chicken leg, Hattie?"

"And let's wash that down with some hot tea."
I love this girl. She has a clever sense of humor that catches me off guard sometimes. I wish I had an example right this second, but I don't. Whoops!

Hattie, Lately

Big girl these days. Holding her head up like a champ, smiling like crazy, cooing up a storm and sleeping pretty well. We'll keep her.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fantastic Friday

We are loving this weather here in Bend this past week. This weekend it will be up in the 80s!

Here are some of our latests:
-Hattie is giving us smiles and coos in between eating and sleeping. She is such a sweet baby.

Our awkward teenage baby acne is almost cleared up! Check out that widow's peak!

-Noella is growing more and more independent: brushing her teeth by herself, getting dressed and undressed, helping with baby Hattie. The list goes on..... She really is a big help.

-Noella also has participated in her first "running race". Click on the "salmon run" video link below.

-She is also really getting good with her dramatic play. She wanted to put on a puppet show today. See "puppet show" link below to view that video.

That's all for now. Happy Mother's Day this weekend to our mothers and mothers everywhere! How lucky we are to have you!!

Salmon Run

Puppet Show