Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hattie and Mom

On tuesdays and wednesdays (the days I worked the first part of this year before I had Hattie), Noella goes to daycare. This has been such a blessing for Hattie and I to get to bond, just the two of us.

So much fun - right, Hattie?!

"What in the freaking world are you doing, mom?"

Throwback Thursday

Or #tbt as all the cool kids are saying.

Seven years ago Adam and I went on really fun (kidless) trips to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. We did things like hike up river canyons, mountain bike on Slick Rock trail and drink beer by campfires without being interrupted 8,286 times for a fork or more milk or to be held or to get someone a bandaid.

Man that was fun.

campsite in Zion

Hoodoos in Bryce

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Girls in the Morning

Again, probably only interesting to grandparents and uncles and aunts, but here is a snippet of a tender moment this morning.

Noella and Hattie

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Musings

We have this really cool rock outcropping in our backyard that Noella likes to climb. Sometimes I get so envious of her youth with this yard and neighborhood we're in. At the end of a circle, awesome neighbor friends, cool backyard with fun things to explore.... It's gonna be so fun for them (and us!)

I Think She Needs a Shrink....

Noella has really been enjoying her dollhouse lately. Her imagination skills are really taking off as well, and, put those two together, you get some pretty intricate dollhouse story lines. 

For example: 
The little doll with black hair shoved her friend, the little doll with blonde hair, off of the toilet because she had to go. Then, she threw her into the car (according to Noella). The doll's mom got very upset and told her if you ever want to go to the beach again, you need to stop throwing fits. Then, the mother takes her to her room. The little doll with black hair proceeds to leave her room, the house and jump in the mini van to drive away and to the park. The mom gets mad again and makes her go back to her room to "think about what she's done". The little girl continues to "throw fits", and "throw couches" and "throw cake" and "throw dirt on the cake" and "throw dirty water on the cake" and "throw blood" (that one I'm still laughing at.... it must've been the worst thing she could think of). If I hadn't of intervened and suggested we go to the library, I'm afraid of what would have happened next. Noella kept looking at me as she was coming up with these scenarios, as if to see if I would react to the girl's naughtiness. Oh boy --- I need a child psychologist in the house to decode this one for me. 

Noella, holding the mother, dictating what the mother is telling the naughty girl

The vicious raven haired doll

The other day Adam was playing with her. The gist of the story line with that play session was this: 
the little girl would NOT go to bed. Her mom and dad kept bringing her upstairs to her bed, and the girl kept coming down stairs. Finally, the parents told her that they'd throw away all of her stuff if she didn't go to sleep. And then, she proceeded to toss all of the girl's bedroom furniture out of the house. Now, I will say that we are having this issue (with a particular little girl not going to bed like she's supposed to), but Adam and I aren't that harsh. I mean, geez!

Anyway, nothing like a little innocent dollhouse play to shed light on your child's interpretation of your parenting style.