Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sun Valley

We're headed on a family vacation for a week. Both my mom and Adam's parents will be joining us in Sun Valley, Idaho next week. Adam and I will get in some kick a@! mountain biking (together), while the grandparents get in some serious NoJo time. Everybody wins!

The weather will be perfect 70s-low 80s during the day and 40s-50s at night. Gorgeous mountain views surround our nice little rental on an acre in the valley. We're looking forward to quality family time, lots of good food, conversation, fresh mountain air, and pretty sights. Now, if someone would just pack for me.....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Whole Family Named Chubby

This must be explained first to everyone who is outside my immediate family. Who knows the "My whole family named chubby" story? I remember saying it over and over as a child while squishing my cheeks together (to look chubby, of course). It eventually ends towards the chubby child going on a motorcycle ride with their daddy. And she said "faster daddy", and he went faster, then she said "faster daddy", and he went faster, "not that fast daddy!" (this is when you pulled your cheeks apart to give the effect of the fast wind blowing your fat cheeks back. and of course, I'm talking about the cheeks on your face).

Noella was attempting her own version of it today, in between space out moments.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Please excuse my extremely annoying voice. If you can't figure it out, it was supposed to be Noella making the funny sound - not me drowning her sweet little voice out. This video is not anything special - I just realized I haven't posted video in a LONG time. This kid is a talking machine. We think that between her daddy in sales and her mom in speech therapy, she really couldn't have gone any other way (but between you and me, we all know she really gets her chattiness from her dear father :)

Almost 19 months old and speaking in 2-4 word phrases. Some favorites include: "mommy up duh stairs", "jumpin' on nuh bed", "bess you daddy" (bless you daddy - b/c Adam sneezes 100012 times a day) and another one of my favorite phrases is "I pittin' nose" (I picking nose - lovely, thanks for telling me).

She loves animals of all kinds, as documented by this video. We saw some wildlife by the river in The Dalles, OR and she was pretty excited about it. Of course we want to show her new things and share these experiences with her b/c she enjoys it so much. But, anytime we show her anything, she acknowledges it, is excited about it and then says "more ___ please". Like, okay I saw that one, now I want to see MORE. Sheesh.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Hiya Uncle Ay-yah!

Uncle Alex came for a visit. We rode bikes.

Safety First. 

Alex on the Spring Street Trail high above the Gorge.

We went on hikes. 
Starvation Ridge. 
Waterfall on Starvation Ridge Trail.
 We went to Portland.

We went to the zoo. How about you? 

Seeing the bears. "More bears please? Mommy? More please?"

Shuttle bus ride. We could have ended the trip here. 

 And we saw the local sights in Mosier.

Walking along the railroad tracks. 

Windsurfer at Rock Creek. 
Rock Creek
Rock Creek
Lovely sunset on Alex's last day. We miss you already Uncle Ay-yah!

*photos courtesy of Alex Holt, photographer extraordinaire

Mommy Goes to Whistler

I have this amazing husband who lets me pick up and take off to Canada for 3 whole nights to go to an all women's mountain biking skills camp. The Trek Women's Dirt Series is highly recommended to any woman who wishes to enhance her riding skills. Many new skills were learned.

I was accompanied by 7 other lovely ladies from Hood River. This is the gang:

Unfortunately, because I was too busy mountain biking, I didn't get to take any pictures. Except of bears which were EVERYWHERE. I spend my whole Northwest existence waiting to see a black bear in the wild and here they are like squirrels. Oh well. Check that one off my list.

"I'm just a loner old bear. Don't like to be bothered by nobody."

Buddy Kate and I on the lift going up. You can sort of see the park behind us. 

This was soooooo fun. I wish I'd had at least 3 more days to continue exploring the trails there. I learned so much and the riding was spectacular. Next summer vacation idea -- anyone?? Adam and I tried to go riding there two summers ago, but I got knocked up and the trip was then demoted to a high alpine hiking trip instead. It is a beautiful place to go whatever you do.