Thursday, August 29, 2013


To three years ago, when all we had to chase around was this little squishy bundle (and we thought we were busy then!)

And then to four years ago when Adam and I used to go on epic mountain bike rides at the drop of a hat....

Lesson learned: never wish away ANY time whatsoever. I wish I could freeze time.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Emma Visits AGAIN! July 2013

Cousin Emma came to see us again, and we were so happy she did. I'm sure she was bored to tears much of the time, as living with a family with two small children can be cumbersome (naps, routine, needy 3.5 year olds who think everyone is there to play with them!). We tried to show her a good time. We love you Emma!

At Three Creeks Brewery in Sisters, OR. We hooked Emma up with a trail ride with an acquaintance we have in Sisters who owns property and boards horses. 

Second youngest and oldest grandchild on the Noelker's side

Funny story: I left to go for a run one rainy morning leaving Emma to bake cupcakes with Noella.  Guess what? Accidentally substituting salt for the sugar doesn't give you the yummy cupcakes you were hoping for :) Whoops!

Hiking up Pilot Butte one evening. Noella even got to go. 

She is kind of enamored with her....

See what I mean.... always wanted to be dressed like her!

Fire pit night. Even Zeb misses Emma!

Climbing Mt. Bachelor. Emma killed it!

Hanging out at Paulina Lake. Lakeside picnic. 

The adults had an adult beverage. Noella had a chocolate chip cookie

Wait a minute....

Paddling out on the lake. This was right before a gust of wind blew my hat off and we frantically back-paddled to get to it, only to watch it slowly sink.... Noella cried. 
We had FUN! Hattie decided to start sleeping through the night while Emma was here, so as far as I'm concerned - you can come whenever you like! :) We love and miss you, dearie!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rolling With Her Homies

Hattie's been getting a few steps closer to being mobile. She's been getting good at rolling back to front, but.... there's a catch. She can't be wearing a diaper. Details.... I know.

Catch the video HERE.

We've been having a barrage of visitors, so there will be much posting on that - but that requires too much organization for today. Currently, Adam, his brother Alex and his girlfriend, Mary are all on their way down South Sister Mountain while I juggle the minions.