Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hattie's First Taste of Snow

We got a bit of snow finally yesterday. It snowed a good deal of the day, but a lot of it didn't stick because our temps have been so warm this winter! Even though she's a bit under the weather, we took her outside for about 10 minutes to let her "play" in the snow. She was a bit grumpy because she couldn't move in her snow suit. 

Cute snow bunny

Dad's making a snowball

My arms don't work...

Just hold it there, will you?


Zeb, sporting his gift from Santa. Booties for running in snow and on rough terrain. It was quite comical to say the least to watch him prance around for the first 10 minutes. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Little Girls, Little Girls, Everywhere I Look.... I Can See Them.

Pardon the "Annie" reference, but this song runs through my mind often, because, of course, I am surrounded by little girls. "Everyday I eat, sleep and breathe them". Noella was requesting to watch that movie after I absentmindedly sang a few bars of that song one day. I'm so excited to show it to her, because I know it's just a gateway to rest of her life as a broadway musical star... I'm joking (sort of). 

I was looking through old photos last night for a "flashback friday" post, but then Noella decided to throw the mother of all tantrums at bedtime and I really just lost all inspiration. It's really hard to focus on her sweet innocence when she's screaming and growling and repeating nonsense an hour after her bedtime. But, I digress.....

My point is, she is still sweet and innocent. And Hattie, God bless her, is so very sweet and innocent too and I wanted to just post some sweet and innocent photos of them at about the same time in their lives.....

They really look nothing alike. Noella has more hair and darker, more dominant features. Hattie has this little petite face.... What sweet girls they are.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Noella's Fancy Fourth!

We love this fancy girl to pieces. I can't believe she's 4. I just simple cannot fathom how that happened. But it did. Noella invited some of her best girlfriends for a fancy day. Each girl wore their fanciest dress, dressed up a little more when they got here, played "Pin the Fancy on Nancy" (thanks to daddy for that one) and dined in fancy style. I think a good time was had by all. 

Wait, how old are you?

Hattie hung out with Meems most of the party. 

Look at these sweet faces. 

Cake time. 

Pin the Fancy on Nancy

Noella had a special birthday outing to go see "Frozen" on the big screen with Meems and Daddy. 

And.... she got to go to the beauty shop, where Meems treated her to getting her hair done. 

With the pearls, black and white dress with full white tutu and 80's hair, she was a dead ringer for Madonna, "Like a Virgin" circa 1984. 

 And finally, gifts from mom, dad and Hattie.

Skis from Dad

Magnet blocks from Hattie.

And new rainbow skirts from mom. 

So much love for this little (big) one. Have a great year, Noella Bella. Hugs and Kisses - Mom and Dad. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 2013

Christmas Eve. My favorite part of Christmas. The girls got to open one present. Very exciting. 

Hooray, a princess jammie gown!

This is what Hattie does now when she hears/sees the camera go off.

Hooray! New books!

This is hilarious to me. 

Hooray, a sticker book!

Decorating cookies for Santa. 

Oops. Some sprinkles fell in my mouth...

Christmas morning. More cheese from the Hatsters. 

Rainbow loom. Too young for it yet. But it will be fun in a few years....

The favorite gift award this year goes to...... A thrift store princess dress! 

Still trying to figure out the damn rainbow loom. 

Hattie's favorite gift? Whatever Noella is using at the moment. 

Merry Christmas!