Sunday, October 13, 2013


Here are a few snapshots of what life has been like lately, just around the house....


Typical :)

Hattie is saying, "what the hell... I just woke up and there was this mermaid in my bed!"
 So, I had all these grand visions of dressing the girls in their cute, matching dresses and having an impromptu photo shoot. This is how well that turned out....

Blaring sunshine 
Her hair is never normal. 

Funny faces. 

Again, blaring sunshine (and nose picking, and closet doors hanging open, and Hattie craning her neck weird.....)
First front yard camp out. Noella and Dad were the brave souls (someone had to sleep inside with Hattie). Since this is the first year in three years we haven't camped, we had to at least make that happen!)
Complete with campfire!

Bedtime stories by the fire - what is better than THAT!?

Alex and Mary Visit...... in JULY

I have totally dropped the ball on keeping up with the blog. Work began and visitors kept pouring in and then everyone got sick.... for like the whole month of September. I honestly don't even know where September went! I have to say it again: for those of you with children who work full time - props to you for getting anything else done besides everything directly related to raising your children. I only work two days a week, but with two kids in the mix now and home ownership to keep up with, it's a wonder how Adam and I manage to get a minute to talk and spend time together at the end of the day!

Moving on. Our next round of visitors were Alex (Adam's brother) and Mary (his girlfriend). We were very busy showing them the sights of Central Oregon. They were able to climb South Sister Mountain, try out some of the mountain biking trails, see Tumalo Falls, and check out the McKenzie River trail and waterfalls. Brewfest was going on (thanks to Mary to bringing that to our attention), which was a perfect way to get a feel of the fun events and festivals that are always going on around here. We hope you guys had fun! I know we did (and Noella sure loved it. Hattie was pretty indifferent)! Thanks for coming to see us!!!!!

Here are just a few pics. Along with everything else that gets put by the wayside, taking pictures has joined that group!

Snuggle time on the couch.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the trail running race they participated in too! Go getters! (Alex placed 3rd in his category, Mary - I think you placed 4th?!).

You can never have too many buddies.

Along the McKenzie River Trail

New mountain biker, earning her stripes :)

Nana and Papa Visit! (Six Weeks Ago.....)

Better late than never - right? 

We were so happy that Nana and Papa got to visit and see our new home in Bend! They hadn't been out to see us in Oregon since Noella was 5 weeks old.

We tried to keep them busy too! While here, they were able to do some painting and drawing of the scenery out here - Adam even got to sneak away while I was at work and the girls were at daycare to take them up to Sparks Lake for some views of the mountains. 

Those are LITERALLY all the pictures we took! What is wrong with me!? I vow to make a conscious effort to take more pictures - especially of these rare times that we get to spend with family from so far away! Poor Tracy and Carol came upon us the second week of daycare/work. Both girls were working through their first illnesses since being back around large groups of kids. We were still able to have a bit of fun though! They got to spectate one of Adam's cyclocross races, take a day trip to Crater Lake, check out the downtown and more of the awesome outdoors that our town has to offer. Hopefully they loved it as much as we do! It was so special to get to share it with you guys. And, apparently, I need you to send me the pictures you guys took....

Happy Harvest

Noella and Hattie's daycare, Growing Tree, organizes such nice events and activities for the kids and families. Every fall, they reserve one of the farms out here, DD Ranch, for all the Growing Tree families to play, pick their pumpkins and socialize. Noella almost did not get to go (3 and 3/4s is a VERY trying age, we are learning), but she was VERY happy she did because she had a ball!

Where Hattie hung out most of the time.....

The giant slide

At the top...
At the bottom.....

Pony Rides!

Feed the cows!

Jump on haybales!
Slide down tubes into hay!
Run through tires!

Happy girl....
 And post-pumpkin patch. Family time on the couch. I guess I should mention that at the very end of our pumpkin patch visit, Noella got her face painted like a girl pirate. Hence the black face-paint.

My favorite three people.