Sunday, December 5, 2010

Up on the Solar Rooftop, Reindeer Paws.......

That's more of the way the song should go around here. We celebrated St. Nick's Day early. And hell, why not just make it our family Christmas while we're at it? Adam's gone all next week, we leave the following Tuesday.... It's Noella's first Christmas, so let's just make it Christmas ALL MONTH LONG!

Noella says "YAY!"

We had such a great day. I think Noella liked her shape sorter the best (but all she really likes to do with it is bang the blocks together).

These are all my presents. 

Perusing the new score. 


Even better. 

More perusing. 

Yep. All I really want to do is just bang stuff together. But, these are NEW things to bang together. Sweet! 

All this present opening makes me hungry!