Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Last Few Excursions Before Baby Hattie

I had meant to get this posted 3 weeks ago, but our computer is running out of picture space and we needed to sit down and do some clean up, which takes some time and is very tedious - so you understand the delay.

We just love going to Smith Rock State Park and ended up buying a two year pass b/c its so close and fun for all of us. Behold the pictures of one of our last excursions as a family of 3:

This was actually on a previous trip, with some buddies, but same place, same idea....

The "approach" up to Asterisk Pass

Getting up high where the good views are

Noella, mommy and baby Hattie in utero
 I love these next ones of Adam and Noella. He just loves taking her here and can't wait to do some actual climbing with her some day. She is just so big these days. It hurts my heart (even more so now), but I love who she is growing up to be.

This guy flew right up to where we were hiking and hung out a while. 

Zeb waiting patiently

Henrietta "Hattie" June Holt

Born: March 21st, 2013 at 5:39AM
Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz
Length: 20 in
Cuteness Factor: Off the charts!
(same exact weight, length and cuteness factor as her big sister at birth, 10 days before her due date)

Hattie decided to come right after I finished my last day of work. She had been hinting that she was coming early for a while (kept progressing and progressing, but no real "action"). Since I was Group B Strep positive and needed to be at the hospital for 4 hours before delivery, this made us a little nervous about making it in on time (I wasn't even at the hospital for 3 hours before Noella arrived). After my appointment on wednesday and I was already progressed to 6 cm. I then began having the usual non-painful but regular contractions at dinner. We decided it would best if we just got Noella squared away for the night and head to the hospital. She was well taken care of at our neighbor's home (4 kids, the oldest is a 9 year old girl whom she worships. They made chocolate chip cookies together, did her hair and let her sleep in her idol's room.) Getting to the hospital early made for a very long, boring and sleepless night: waiting and waiting for things to pick up. Lots of time to ponder the thought of having a baby. I won't tell you all the details, I'll just say that the real labor to delivery was quick, about an hour. The second natural birth! Success! Hard, no doubt, but worth it and a success. I must say that going through the painful stuff very quickly really helps with that decision. 

She is perfect and we are settling in as a family of four. She reminds us so much of Noella as a newborn - looks and little mannerisms. It's funny how those memories just come pouring back. Nothing prepares you for life with a newborn, but surely is special. Noella (and we) are adjusting. Life is good. We all love you to the moon, Hattie June!