Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Story Style

I was recently reminiscing about Noella's precociousness and all the funny things she (does) used to do. One story stood out in particular and I can't believe I never blogged about it. Hence, the first ever Oregonholts Throwback Story Style.

I'll start by saying Noella was about this old:

almost 2 years old
This all happened one dark and rainy night before Adam, Noella and I left for Missouri for the Christmas holiday. We were dropping off Zeb, our pride and joy, at "Doggy Camp". The owners of the facility showed us around the wide expanse of property, as well as around the different buildings they used for different reasons. We sadly walked around in the dark, listening to the barking dogs, being well aware of leaving sweet Zebbers for two weeks. We left him in his little kennel, gave him some pats and quickly walked out. Noella was very curious what we were doing, and kept asking why Zeb wasn't coming with us. This made us even more melancholy. And, like I said, it was dark, and we were walking around a dog kennel. Keep that piece of information in mind.

As were were driving away, and drying our tears, Noella (from the backseat), exclaims from the backseat "No-yeh-yuh gots poop in the nose". Confused, but trying to make sense of her remark, I say something to the effect of "Oh, you mean it was stinky out there and you can still smell it?" (all the while, she's rubbing her cute little green frog boots on the back of my seat - a habit that drives both Adam and I crazy). Noella' replies to me "Yeah". A short pause, then Noella (sounding more panicked) says again, "No-yeh-yuh gots poop in the nose!". At this point Adam and I both smell something coming from the backseat. I turn around and see Noella inspecting something on the bottom on her boots and then rubbing that mysterious brown something in her hands.  I turn on the interior light to get a better look, and at this point Noella shows me her hands and exclaims, "Mud! Glorious mud!" (for anyone who does not have a two year old or older, this is from a Thomas the Tank Engine episode).  I freak a little and squeak out something like "NO! NO! NO! Don't touch anything!!!!!!!". This, in turn, freaks Noella out, and she begins to kick and put her dog poop laden boots all over the back seat. Then, Noella looses it: "NO-YEH-YUH GOTS POOP IN THE NOSE!" The whole situation is all so ridiculous and terrible at the same time all I can do is shout at Adam to pull over and laugh hysterically. All this makes Noella cry and scream after she senses the panic and  hysterics. Which just makes us laugh even harder, which just makes her cry even harder.

What do you do? Where do you start? We're getting ready to park this same car in an airport parking lot for 2 weeks, so it's not like we can get it detailed, much less clean it properly before we leave. As we gather our composure, I extract a months-old clorox wipes container from under the seat (barely even damp anymore) to try and wipe the, pardon my french, shitty seat somewhat clean.

Lucky for them, we were staying at our friend's home in Portland that night to catch an early morning flight the next day. They helped us clean ourselves and the car a little bit better and shared some laughs at the whole disgusting and silly situation.

It all turned out okay, and our car became clean and fresh smelling again. I must say though, when that familiar stench fills the air, it's hard not to say (or at least think) "No-yeh-yuh gots POOP in the nose!".