Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Try this again...


So.... I promised some live footage of Noella talking and cooing. Here's a 3 minute clip of her talking to her owls and mom. Don't feel like you have to watch the whole thing - she does more, I'd say, during the last 1:30-2 minutes. Watch our darling baby here .

It is adorable. Just like this picture:

"Fire Power"

We're just hanging out, enjoying watching this little one grow. Kisses to all!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Six Weeks....

So much can happen in six weeks. This is even more true in the life of a newborn. For example, Noella is now regularly smiling and cooing at us for longer stretches of time. I swear, I think she's actually trying to talk, because she's actually taking turns with us! I don't have any good pictures, or video at this point, as its just too adorable to tear myself away from her while she's doing this, but give me time...

Another milestone: Mommy and Me Yoga. Yep, Noella and I are getting our socializing and exercising out of the way together on wednesday mornings. I was worried about her screaming her head off the whole time, but she showed me. She slept through most of both classes so far. All of the OTHER babies cry more than her. She's a show off I think. Or else, she just senses the zen nature!

Not to jinx myself, but another thing I'm quite happy about: she slept six and a half hours last night! Now, let me preface by saying she screamed for almost an hour beforehand, and I had to lay her down three times until she was totally down, but she stayed down for that long. She definitely makes mommy happy when she does that. Especially if daddy is out of town!

We are just loving her more everyday. I think we discover something new about each other each day - which is really amazing.

She certainly misses her grandmas and grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins though. We're looking forward to our visit in May!


Adam, Liz and Noella