Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I realize it's been weeks since I've written and that a million things have happened since (including family vacation in Door County, WI - that is it's very own post that will take me forever to organize all the photos) - but this is all I have energy for right now. That, and, I know some people are very excited to see some updated pics of our house (which we will be residents of on Saturday night). Here you go!

The front

Close up of the courtyard area in the front

Side view with deck

Looking in from front door

Looking in from entrance

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master bath


Cool bench and shelves made by our builder off to the side of the kitchen

Living area

Hallway to kids room

Guest room

Noella's room

Noella's bathroom


Different view from back wall

Another view

We are so happy with it! Our builder couldn't have been easier or better to work with. The little extra touches he put into it really shine through.

I'm realizing I didn't get any pics of the garage or spare room off to the back (Adam's office, guest quarters). You'll be seeing lots more of this place, I'm sure. :)

In the thick of it right now - we'll update soon!