Friday, April 3, 2009

Doubletree Ranch

Adam and I have the extreme good fortune of being friends with a couple who owns a gorgeous ranch in Southern OR. We stayed there last night and woke up to the sound of the Rogue River rushing just down the hill from our cabin and the huge pine trees blowing in the gentle wind. I say it everytime I visit, but this place just makes me feel peaceful. This morning, while Adam had some work calls to make, Rick and Carol took me on a hike on part of their property. Here is a photo of Carol and I (courtesy of Rick Ponte) right at "Jumpoff Joe" point. The creek blow the ridge is historically where "Joe" (stepson of John McLoughlin, pioneer in Southern OR and big wig of the Hudson Bay Company back in the 19th century) had to jump in to escape the Rogue Indians who were chasing him. He landed in the creek and got stuck in a log jam where he stayed the night until another fellow trapper found and saved him.

I always learn something new and see something beautiful whenever I spend time with Rick and Carol. If anyone is ever looking for a nice, quiet, refreshing and restful vacation, check out:

Tomorrow Adam and I will run our 16 miler on the Rogue River Trail. Wish us luck! My fear is I'll lose my footing in my exhaustion and fall of a cliff....but that's quite an exaggeration. I'm sure if will be just fine. Hopefully we'll spot some eagles. Love to all!