Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mama's Not Foolin' Around

After Noella was slightly (particularly) overactive and a little (or a lot) cantankerous this morning on our fun play date and music class, I couldn't WAIT for nap time. I mean, surely she will sleep off her mood so I can do super fun things (clean).

An HOUR AND A HALF after I laid her down and said sleep tight she's up there fooling around in her bed. I go in twice to "pat you" and cover her up again. The third time, I open the door - she's standing up and about to say something ("No-yeh-yah wants some.....") - and say "go to sleep" (okay for honesty's sake, it was more like "GO TO SLEEP"). She collapses on to her bed like a rag doll. I cover her up and walk out. Silence.

Hopefully I have that effect on her for her whole life.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


"A man who dares to waste an hour of time, has not discovered the value of life"
- Charles Darwin
This was a hike we did across the river in Washington last weekend. We got to the clearing just at a time of evening where the light was perfect. Simple things like this make me happy and thankful for where we live and how we choose to spend our time here. I feel like we hardly waste time. And if this surrounds you on a daily basis, why would you?

Lots of thoughts of holiday cheer around here. Since we will be heading to visit family in Missouri the third week of December, we decided to start the Christmas celebrations. Noella is very into the whole idea of Christmas (even though she really doesn't know what she's talking about - today she asked if Santa could bring her another pocket for her dress that only had one pocket). So far her Christmas list for Santa includes: a pink bell, a purple octopus, a pink bear, pink and purple tape, Thomas the Train, and a football.

Usually I cringe at families that start their holiday decorating and planning way too early, but its just different this year. There's a whole new magic about it now!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Minds of Their Own: A Reflection

Toddlers. My toddler to be specific. Now I know this phase is natural, I know they are trying to gain control of their world, I know we must be empathetic and supportive and understanding, but GOODNESS GRACIOUS PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER CHILD!

Okay, it's not that bad. It seems as though we are going through a particularly independent phase lately and I'm trying desperately (in vain) to be calm and easy-going about it all.

The dancing cowgirl ballerina
Most days these are the arguments we go through:
1) Socks. She wants to pick them out. They must be one foot, one color - the other foot, a different color. Usually it's one pink, one purple or one green, one yellow (this is ridiculous that I'm even repeating this habit). If she can't find those combos either in her drawer or in the dirty clothes hamper, then she just pulls all her socks out of her drawer and pulls them apart and "counts" them. It takes me at least 10 minutes in the morning to get her out of her sock obsession.
2) Changing her diaper. She hates to stop anything she's doing, especially if its to change her diaper (I know, very typical). We are very sensitive lately about all things potty related, even if its just a diaper change.
3) Clothes. When she can't wear her purple ice cream shirt two sizes too small for the third day in a row, she is very hard to persuade to put any other clothes on. If you came to my house and searched the nooks and crannies, you might find purple pants and shirts stashed there. I try and hide them just so we can wear a different color of the rainbow.
4) And lately, healthy food. Namely, vegetables. My fantabulous veggie eater has decided all of a sudden she does not like them (unless its roasted broccoli - but mom and dad need a little more variation okay). She'll eat me out of house and home with fruit, but she'll stick one teensy-weensy corner of green bean in her mouth and hawk a loogie (sp?) onto her plate like she swallowed a fly. Over dramatic much? Although, I must say persistence pays off. I have tried putting several different kinds of veggies on her plate all week, and she ate yellow beets, of all things, like they were doritos. This lack of interest in vegetables has not helped our sensitivity to all things potty related - if you get my drift.....

Ah, the trials and tribulations of toddlerhood. If any of you other parents are having a hard time coming up with something different/fun/healthy-ish for your picky eater,  here was a tasty recipe Noella enjoyed for Broccoli and Bowties pasta.

Happy Friday!

Monday, November 7, 2011


My inspiration for the week: 

Zeb, the dog who desperately needs a daily walk/run. We've been slacking because we've been cycling more and he doesn't get to go along on those bike rides. I've decided to "try" to wake up early at least three mornings a week to give him a good, long walk. I've got a head start on getting up earlier with the time change so I'm going for it!

I'm also inspired by this awesome website/program:
It is amazing to say the least. You can make your own books. Baby books, cookbooks, blog books, dog books, really any darn thing with which you'd ever want to make a book. Gift ideas perhaps? Now, all I need is a little more inspiration to actually get a project going.

Friday, November 4, 2011

We Like to Move It!

So, I'm way behind on my aforementioned new blog template. Turns out that you have to actually keep up with that idea for it to work! Hmmm..... we'll see. There's still lots on which to reflect though. For instance, Adam and I have lived in Oregon together for 5+ years now. All the while, enjoying, waiting, wondering, wishing, lingering, exploring, moving, adventuring, and enjoying some more. I guess I should say missing family and friends from the Midwest too. However, recent events have led us to a decision to stick around for a while. We had not bought a house here thinking we wouldn't stay long enough to get our money's worth out of it. While it's nice to be renting and not worry about all those things that go along with owning a house, we were still yearning for that feeling. Especially after Noella and Zeb came along. Both need more space to run and play. And Oregon is a beautiful, fun place. So, why not?

Now, the question was "where"? Our most favorite place in all of Oregon is Bend. We go there several times a year. The climate suits us, as does the lifestyle. The housing market crashed a while ago and is still a buyer's dream. So, it appeared to us that Bend was the answer.

I'll skip ahead to the fun part. We looked and looked and looked at houses (with Noella and Zeb, no doubt). Nothing seemed to jump out at us, until we found a builder who owned a gorgeous lot in the perfect neighborhood. He was selling the lot along with his plans for a new home! He's very flexible and easy going and met our requests, so we are going with it! It should be done by April! Yay!

I have some pictures of the plans, but I'm not sure if that's legit, so I'll just tell you that its a modest yet ample, energy efficient green home. Just enough space for us, on a half acre.

Noella is excited too. There are a lot of parks in Bend.

I think I forgot to mention that this will be our 5th home whilst living in Oregon. Did I mention that we've only lived here for 5+ years? What's wrong with that picture? Anyone willing to help us move will be given copious amounts of delicious Oregon microbrews. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Say "Trick or Treat"

That's what Noella says. Not "trick or treat", but "say trick or treat". Either that or "No-yeya needs some candy". And then of course "say thank you". She's such a trip!

Wow - I don't even know where to start on our Halloween adventures. We were in Bend from Thursday-Sunday. Both for business and pleasure. Mommy and Daddy needed to participate in the Cross Crusade back to back cyclocross races (including the costumed Sunday race). It was CRAZY! But FUN! Our friends, the McGeeney's came along.

Adam and I were Bert and Ernie for the costumed race.

Confirming that the rumors are true.
Bert and Ernie
Noella was a cowgirl.


Bert, mentally preparing himself for his race.

Fun was had by all, of course. The only downside was the extreme dust storms that over one thousand racers riding their bike through inches of powdery dirt inflicted on the whole scene. Everyone had grey dust cemented to their lips and teeth.

And on to the real Halloween. Noella is very fortunate to have awesome friends who live in a great neighborhood. The moms and dads enjoyed a few treats before the kids got their own treats galavanting around the block.

The Rockin' Party Hosts
The Little Goblins

"What are we doing here?"  "I have no idea."
Noella got into it real fast when she realized they handed out candy. No fear! In fact, it became a slight issue when she wanted to open and eat every single piece she received, as she received it. Ummmmm..... I don't think so ("say not too much candy").

"Noyeya needs some candy"
"Say thank you"