Friday, February 22, 2013

The Holts Lately

First and foremost, let me give a warm welcome to our newest baby cousin, Calvin Matthew Bleckman! He was born on monday and is perfect. We can't wait to meet you Calvin! Adam's sister, Maggie, did a wonderful job bringing him into this world :) This delivery was my last milestone for having this baby: once Maggie had their baby, I was NEXT. Duh-duh-duh! 5 weeks and counting.....

That being said, obviously the 'ol blog here has been neglected. Everything just takes extra energy these days and blogging has gone by the wayside because of it. But, here is a little taste of what we've been up to:

First of all, Valentine's Day. Noella is quite the artist and really loves to complete her own crafts. I came home from work tuesday, pulled out our craft basket and took stock: craft sticks, construction paper, crayons, tacky glue.... Okay, paper heart pops it was (not that they ever existed in the first place). All I had to do was cut out the hearts and show her what to do and she completed all 35 or so of them (for her daycare friends and for her music class friends). I began to write "Love Noella" on them in marker to speed things along and she quickly scolded me for that and began writing that herself. Well, just "Noella".

We had to make a valentine's box too. She enjoyed that even more I think. 

Noella wanted to include Zeb in her Valentine's exchange. She set it by his water bowl and a few hours later I saw it on his bed with a bite taken out of it. :) 

Speaking of music class friends, here is a snapshot of the day we hosted. The class is a group of families who take turns hosting the other friends, along with "JanellyBean" who does a great job teaching, engaging and creating a fun musical environment for the kiddos. The class is followed by snacks and playtime. Noella must always wear her fairy dress or a twirly skirt to class (it is a necessity for spinning).

Adam has been doing double and triple duty around here. Not only is he working like a dog to get his traveling done before the baby comes, but he is also making and cleaning up dinner many many nights (this baby is not making it super easy on me - standing for long periods of time is a no-go for me these days). In addition to all that, he is making all kinds of fun things for our home. Behold his handy-work:

Picture Frame


The lighting is terrible, I apologize, but I've been meaning to brag on him for a while and keep forgetting to take pictures. Not pictured are the cool floating shelves for the girls' rooms. I've also enlisted him to execute my own projects. He is a busy (and talented) guy!

Let's see.... round two of swimming lessons is in full effect. This is a definite big kid class - no parents. I thought it would be more of an ordeal for her - nope. She loves it and is doing great!

That's mostly it for now. Hope all is well where you are! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life's a Beach

Well, our yearly trip to Cannon Beach has come and gone. I look forward to this every winter, after the let down of the holidays, at the start of Adam's crazy busy work season -- this is our traditional winter coast trip. And this year, it would be our last vacation as a family of three. That, I cannot believe.

This couldn't have come at a better time either. Between all of us going through 2 colds, Noella and I going through a nasty GI virus, me getting a sinus infection following one of the above mentioned colds and me going through a terrible reaction to my flu shot all within about 3 weeks - we (I) was ready to take a load off and forget about what all we hadn't been doing while we were all sick or helping each other when the other was sick.

So, following a work day on a wednesday afternoon, with the car loaded and ready to go, I schlepped dog and toddler over two mountain ranges in the rain, ice, snow, fog and dark. I was going to get there, damnit! Noella woke up around Beaverton (about 1.5 hours away from the coastal town) and gabbed my ear off while I drove over the coastal range in the foggy dark trying to keep my eyes pealed for elk.

It was a fabulous, relaxing and true family vacation. Usually we leave by friday because Adam is done with his work by then; but since now we have further to drive, and he had to head straight back out sunday evening to somewhere else, we all stayed the whole weekend to be able to spend more time together. What a treat!

On your mark


Finding a scallop shell

"Mom, take a picture of me while I smile"
Exploring the tide pools

Lots of little hermit crabs


Fat, kinda weird starfish....

Just clumps of them all over the rocks

Adam is almost through the worst part of his traveling and we are (he is) working doubly hard at trying to finish some home projects before baby girl # 2 arrives. Here's looking forward to spring, new births and fresh starts!