Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hippity Hoppity!

So, we had our first "real" family Easter, as last year just doesn't count. It was so fun and so very special. We started the day exploring our Easter baskets and finding the eggs (filled with Kix). 

Noticing what the Easter Bunny Brought her. 

Loved the "aye" (eggs).


Reading her new Easter book "The Golden Egg"

"Hey, there's food in here".

"Moh" (more)

She even found the eggs on the hat and glove shelves. 

Then, we ventured to church. Now, sinners that we are, we have not been in a while. And so, we were a little nervous about how NoJo would do. We even had discussed an "exit plan". Little did we know, all she needed was some pirate booty snack ("boobie" to Noella) and some more of the aforementioned Easter "Kix" and she was a perfect angel. At one point, she even told Adam "Daddy, Daddy....shhhhh!". She is getting so grown up!

Easter dress "tah-dah"!

We then had a lovely Easter brunch with our neighbors. Great food, coffee, mimosas and friendly conversation. Noella had a BALL! We just love her.

Best we could do for a family photo. Happy Easter and Spring to all our loved ones back home

How'd Ya Do?!

It isn't a shocker that Noella loves music and loves to sing and dance. Here's some good footage though. She especially enjoys the songs from her children's music class on wednesdays. This is one of them!

Spring and Other Things

We welcomed some springtime this weekend. Dad had friday off and we headed straight to the park!

Noella learned to climb on these all by herself. 

And go down the slide. Fearless!

Oh yeah, first haircut -- whoops, no "formal" documentation of that. 

I don't know what this look says but I love it. 

NoJo figuring out her first move on this sick boulder problem. 

Just a typical sunny afternoon at Mosier Creek Place.

Dandelions for me, Noella? You shouldn't have! (Side note, she actually calls these and all yellow flowers "dah-dee-dee" or daffodil in layman's terms. And can I point on the headbands adorned around her neck yet again?!)

Hopefully I will get it together enough to get some pictures of our Mosier Creek Garden. We finally have a great gardening spot by our condo and are so excited to grow some food! Noella is "learning" to help. And by learning I mean not stomping on the starts that we just planted in our raised beds. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Part Deuce

Video footage that she is crazy most of the time. Not just some of the time. But we love her so much!

When in Doubt, Just Run Around and Scream.....

This is the crazy girl I have bore. Is this what I was like, mom?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I think most of us (on the Noelker side at least) can remember the days of my constant wardrobe changes, which mainly included swim suits, leotards, knee-highs and sunglasses. Well, it may be that this trait has been passed down. What do you think?


 I don't know when or how it started, but it has started and she wants me to put things like this on her all the time. See those purple and pink headbands around her neck? That's how she thinks they are worn. And see that skirt? She found it in her closet and insisted on wearing it wednesday. She also insisted on wearing a pink cardigan with it. At least she can match.... Then, on thursday, she found the complete outfit in the dirty clothes hamper, and insisted on putting it on again. Here we go!

Anyway, its fun and she loves "looking pretty" and being told "oh, Noella you look so PRETTY". I never dreamed I'd have a daughter who would be so into that girly kind of thing, but she seems to be and maybe I am egging it on and maybe I am more girly than I give myself credit for. But then again, she wants to wear her green rubber frog boots with this ensemble, so she's not all girl that's for sure. 

In case you were wondering, she's still residing in her box at 23 1/2 Mosier Creek Place.