Sunday, March 23, 2014

Numero Uno

Henrietta June Holt turned ONE on friday March 21st, 2014. I don't know about you all, but it just seems like last month that I birthed that dear girl (fast and furiously, might I add).

I don't even know what to say. What can you say? This little person has been living for just one short year, and already we say "what was life like without her?" I can't remember. I think everyone who knows her can say that life is a little brighter with Hattie June in it.

She's living up her one year old status, by becoming a little vocal tyrant. She knows a few words, but apparently just shouting and pointing in an aggressive way is MUCH more effective for her. She is like a baby Mussolini. Except that we love her.

Some highlights of Hattie turning one:
*Taking her first steps the week before
*Saying "pop", "dog", "baba", "mama", "dada", "ah-ah-ah" (monkey sounds), "hah-hah-hah" (dog panting sounds), "A-lella" (Noella), signing "more", "all done", and "light".
*Loves to eat fruit, cheese, peanut butter, pancakes, eggs, avocado (does not like - vegetables or meat. It's weird going from one child who will eat absolutely anything to another who simply refuses to have something even in her sight).
*Just one real milk bottle now at night (we had to cut down from 3 formula bottles to 1 real milk bottle rather quickly. Girl likes her "baba")
*Loves being outside. Cries when taken inside or not allowed outside when someone else goes there
*Loves stuffed animals (Booger Lamby to be exact)
*Loves seeing people and will wave hi to whomever she sees (that, or she will just point rudely at them)

Here are some fun pictures!

Living up to being a one year old: Into EVERYTHING!

Standing up like a big girl.

This has become an evening ritual: Noella makes  "setting" and they crawl and bounce all over the couch and it's cushions on the floor. It started as a way to let Hattie crawl on the couch and not get hurt if she fell.... well, Noella quickly found a way to turn it to her advantage!

On her birthday morning. Okay, I get it now. She totally looks like Uncle Alex here...

Birthday present from mom and dad. Giant stuffed dog (named Felipe).

Birthday breakfast!

Noella never misses a chance to dress fancy. She's been begging to wear this dress for weeks. I told her she had to wait until Hattie's birthday. 

Outside, getting ready to ride her bike. I told her she needed shorts over her tights.

All business.

Same monkey cake that Noella had on her first birthday....
Cake time!

Before she even licked the frosting, a huge clump went straight into her hair.

She likes it! Birthdays aren't half bad!
 Whew! That's a lot of pictures. Thanks to the Millers for helping us celebrate this little lady (and for taking such stellar cake pictures :)