Monday, February 17, 2014

The Holts Lately

Time rolls on! I must say, we've had a rough month: yucky illnesses, Daddy traveling a ton.... but the light is starting to shine back through. The girls are growing like weeds. Hattie is especially changing by the minute. Doing all kinds of new tricks!

Really excited practice walking

Bath time is a favorite for everyone

Oh this one! I caught her eating one of Noella's pretend cupcakes that you decorate with marker. Busted!

Did you all hear about the epic snow? I know it's nationwide, but I've never witnessed this much snow in one storm before! Like two feet or something!

Got to try out my new XC skis that I got for Christmas this year. It was a bit deep, but you can't pass up an opportunity to ski from your front door. 

Friday night pizza floor picnics + movie

One of my little Valentine's this year. 

That kid cut out all her hearts this year and signed all 24 Valentines!  She started by drawing and cutting out all the hearts, but that was a bit much...

Still life art inspirations..... She wanted to draw and cut out (cutting is a favorite skill these days) my beer bottle. Responsible parenting at it's finest. 

One last thing to share: Along with Hattie's latest achievements, we can add clapping/signing "more". Who knows if she means "more", "all done", or just "yay", but she thinks it's pretty dang cool and is so proud of herself. See Hattie in all her glory (click on the link).  Also in latest developments, saying "baba", "pop", "dah" for dog and of course "mama" and "dada".

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cannon Beach: Hattie's First View of the Ocean

It comes every year, roughly the third week of January. Adam has work in Cannon Beach and we tag along. It's a vacation for us girls, not as much for Adam, but oh do I love it! It's the perfect timing, right as the highs from the holidays are wearing off and the doldrums of winter are setting in. This year was no exception. In fact, I'd call it the best year yet! The weather was out of this world - mid to upper 60's and sun for most of the week. Noella is at such a fun age - the beach was a fantastic playground for her. And Hattie, oh sweet little Hattie, she just crawled around the beach not knowing which way to go or whether to eat the sand or destroy Noella's castles or WHAT! We went to the pool and the beach several times each day. Ate cookies and fish and chips and watched movies and ate popcorn and drank beer (just Adam and I) and went on long beach walks and runs, explored amazing tide pools with sea stars, hermit crabs, urchins, mussels and fish, found sand dollars and seashells.... really I could go on. We were all a bit sad to leave. Noella keeps asking me "why do we only go to the coast just one time a year? why don't we live at the coast?". I keep telling her that's what makes it so special: that we don't live there and come every so often. And, I don't think I could live there (too wet and windy).

A few things I've noticed have changed since we began taking this yearly pilgrimage 5 years ago (7 for Adam): we no longer bring our "nice" SLR camera anywhere, especially where there's sand. We have two dependents (3 if you count the dog) and the camera really only acts as a way less important dependent these days. Hence, the lack of photos (or lack of quality ones). Second, sand doesn't bother me in the least when we're staying at a hotel. I don't care if Noella is rolling around in it and Hattie is getting it down her pants - whatever sand makes it back to our living quarters is not mine to clean. And last, I hope we always get to do this. This place is so special - with everything right outside our door - including a very charming little seaside town that boasts Haystack Rock, Ecola State Park, wide open beaches, rich tidepools..... we are always very relaxed and busy at the same time. I love this little tradition we have begun.

A few pictures to document our holiday:

This is the "Super Secret" route to the beach. A cool, mossy, ferny path down through the dunes.

Noella, in the awesomely large stretch of beach at low tide.

This girl loves the sand and water.

Hattie, always very curious of what Noella's got.

See the fat, squishy sea star?

Sea gull in a tide pool at low tide. This is right on Haystack Rock.


Beach nap.

The girls and I would spend hours in the sand while daddy worked.

What does this taste like?

Carhartt sales assistant. Who wouldn't buy from her?

A blurry shot from the pool. Noella has become quite the fish! She has taken off with swimming. Can totally do it!

Sand castles with dad. He definitely makes better ones than mom. 

Just one of the fabulous sunsets. 

Haha. Could've used an extra hand here. 

We had a little extra time to stop in Portland at the Japanese Gardens and to have dinner with some great friends. Truly a fantastic trip!