Monday, October 29, 2012

Day of the Dead: The Theme for the Weekend in More Ways Than One

Unbeknownst to many, we love cyclocross around here. Especially the Cross Crusades. Ever since moving from Hood River to Bend, a big thing we miss is being closer to Portland to attend these fun and festive races. But, the two day Halloween races are held here in Bend now and we were more than excited to host some friends, see even more friends and partake in all the action.

Our Hood River friends, the McGeeney's, came to visit with their two darling boys. Saturday was the dad's race day. Kate and I packed up the kids after naps and headed on over to catch their start time. Noella seems to love these as much as we do. People in costumes. People racing bikes. In the dirt. Ferris wheels. Music. Beer (oh wait, that's just us, and really only Adam at this point, since I really can't even enjoy that). We saw so many friends - old and new. Adam had a good race. Noella got to ride the ferris wheel. Happiness was experienced by all. Post race, we met a small army for dinner at Deschutes Brewery for dinner where all 88 kids that were in our party were actually really good.

The next morning, Adam was making "pumpcakes" for a crew: the McGeeney's plus the St. Clairs (our other Hood River friends who also happened to be in town). While some of our party was sitting at the dining room table, looking out our windows, we happen to see three deer frolicking along in the empty lot next to ours. It was so serene, the kids were tickled to see them so close from our window. "Oh, how wonderful!" -- right? Here's where the other part of "Day of the Dead" theme comes in. A jogger spooks the deer and they start running towards the next house over, which has a wrought-iron fence. One deer attempts to jump through the fence, BUT GETS STUCK. What can we do? The deer is struggling terribly, it's so hard to watch. Adam goes out there to try and push him out from the front, but the deer is too distressed. We call animal control, and they send the sheriff. Adam and Brian (the other dad) go back out to see what else they can do to help. Several minutes later, they come back in and tell us to close the blinds. They have to put the deer down. It was bleeding too badly. WHAT THE HELL?! So, I close the blinds and shortly after hear two gunshots -- to which the children said "that sounds like fireworks". Good grief. I still cannot believe this happened and we witnessed the whole sequence. To anyone who cares, these types of fences are apparently "deer traps" and it happens a lot, so be thoughtful the next time you're in the market for a new fence. And THAT'S NOT ALL. The sheriff tells us that they need to drag the deer to our circle and LEAVE IT THERE until monday so the City of Bend Services could pick it up. It was sunday morning. We have guests with small children who are itching to play outside, and they leave a dead bloody deer in our cul-de-sac for 24 hours. Unbelievable.

Anyway, enjoy some happy photos from our weekend:
Walking to cheer on the dads

Ferris wheel action. Notice the tear still lingering on her cheek. That's left over from when we thought we couldn't ride it.

View of part of the course from the top

Sunday morning "pumpcakes" (pumpkin pancakes).

Sunday, costumed kiddie-cross day. Pro bike racer and Mizzou cheerleader.


She's getting her last minute coaching

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wolf Tree Trail Family Hike: Smith Rock State Park

Onto the second family hike of the season. This is where we took Emma on our way to check out the progress of our house last spring. What a great place!

I feel like this is a glimpse of my future when I'm of geriatric age and I'm needing her to guide me places. 

Blazing Star. Noella and Dad looked this one up in our handy-dandy wildflower guide.

She's serious.

Me trying to be artsy with the camera and not completely successful.

Sitting by the Crooked River that runs in between the canyon at Smith Rock.

Zeb, showing off that he made it so much faster to the top.


Raise the roof! I did it!

Checking out how far they climbed up (not that far, but far for a 3 foot almost 3 year old). 

Smith Rock State Park. We love this place. It's so inspiring.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Patchin' It

It's that time of year. We always go. It's always fun. Adam doesn't always have massive allergy attacks following these visits, but we've never hand fed cows hay before. This place has it all! Pony rides, petting zoo, "kid corral", you name it! The DD Ranch in Terrebone, OR was a hit for us. 

On the way there, we passed several ranches with their irrigation sprinklers on. It may be getting a little too cold for sprinklers. 

You know how I said they have everything? 'Mater was even there!

Anxiously awaiting the hayride. 

Mooing back at the cows. They were an impatient bunch.

Hay is itchy.

I don't know what it is, but I can't look these animals in the eye.

This was really funny, to say the least.

DD Ranch with one of the "D's" in the foreground.

The pumpkins are a little more sparse here in the high desert, I'll admit.

A princess and her pumpkin.

Later that afternoon, drawing spooky Halloween drawings.

Wow, isn't she good?! She drew that all by herself! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashing Back...

It's time once again for me to post pictures from exactly a year ago and stand in wonder at how fast time flies. 

Trying on her Halloween costume last year

Being a cowgirl

Sleeping... comfortably?
 Skip ahead to exactly one year today:

Still cool with being a pumpkin (although she changes her mind every 10 minutes on what she REALLY wants to be for Halloween. I've heard everything from fairies, to porta-potties, to rocks).

Looking like she's slept.... comfortably? Epic bedhead!
Let's just see that again.....

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sparks Lake Family Hike

We attempted to do this hike on Saturday. However, with late wake-up times, a long, lazy breakfast and just the general chaos that is required to get a 2.5 year old out the door for a hike, we didn't make it out until like 10:30. Not even out of our neighborhood, we spot a garage sale and drive by. We then remember the large estate sale sign we saw the previous night. Much to Noella's dismay, our hiking plan was abandoned and away we went to garage sales and second hand stores. Oh the fun. I'm sure Adam was thrilled too.

But it's okay! We went yesterday. And while our little one had to be woken up at 9 (?!) and we still didn't get out the door until 10, we went anyway and had a grand time! Perfect for those with a toddler who like to hike on their own most of the time: short, flat, good lake views, lots of little canyons to explore....

Again, proof that dad was, in fact, there with us