Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Like a Lion....

I'd say that's true of spring up here. How about spring where you are? It actually was quite delightful this evening/late afternoon. Bright sunshine and mid 50's. It hasn't really gotten much warmer than that. I know some of you have experienced 70 and even 80 degree weather, and I will try to not hate you too much :) I'm just a little bitter because we ran our 15 miler yesterday in complete rain and gray skies. Oh well. It had to be done! My fingers and toes were even pruny at the end. 

Spring is starting to peek out in subtle ways though. Behold our beautiful Camillia blossoms. We have three different varieties in our backyard alone. These trees are just gorgeous. The Japanese Gardens in Portland had a festival dedicated to them this weekend. We decided to check out the gardens today and were thoroughly impressed. Whoever comes out to visit next is going there.

Washington Park (where the Japanese Gardens, Zoo, Rose Gardens, World Forestry Center, Children's Museum...are located) is quite a fun-filled area of Portland that any visitor should experience (in spring or summer at least). 

We are making progress on our indoor seeds. The tomatoes, leeks and sunflowers are getting so big. They grow up so fast :) We decided to start our arugula and carrots inside as well just insure no bird thefts. Those are beginning to take off as well. 

Nothing much is new around here. I've been on break last and this coming week, so I've had some down time to flex my domestic muscles. I tried my hand at a "small" tote bag. The pattern in the book did call it a small tote bag, but it became quite miniature once I was finished with it. I used some old fabric scraps I found at goodwill. I like it! While we're on a crafty subject, I'll include a photo of a shawl I knitted a few years ago. I had forgotten about it until I was chilly tonight and realized I had it... its not too bad if I do say so myself. 

Adam and I are headed down to Southern Oregon this week (yes, mom, you can finally ask us about it after wednesday and it will have happened). We hope to reunite with old friends and co-workers. I'm sure you'll hear all about it!  Much love to all and Happy Spring!

Adam thinks Science is Awesome! 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bloom Where You're Planted.

We started our seedlings a few weeks ago. Hopefully we'll have our own mini farmer's market in our own backyard. We used the Mariano Sport heirloom tomatoes that Adam saved from our favorites this past summer, as well as some sunflowers and some leeks. What you're looking at are the beginnings of our sunflowers. We also planted lettuce, chard and kale outside, but I think there are some thieves living in our yard. Has anybody else begun their spring planting?

More to come....