Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful For Walking

(caution: please do not look in the back of our closet)

Welp. She is now officially a walker. She picked Thanksgiving weekend to showcase her skills. And let me tell you, she is proud of herself. When she gets all the way to a landmark/destination, she catches your eye and gets this knowing smirk on her face. It's adorable. Of course, right before we got the camera out (the reason we got it out in the first place), she was flapping her arms and clapping her hands when she noticed herself in the mirror. Again, very proud of that walking baby in the closet!

We had a wonderful holiday with friends in Southern Oregon. Unfortunately, we did not get any family photos! I know! It is preposterous! But Adam did manage to snag a few pictures of Noella with our friends Dave (who hosted us all) and Clarissa. They can be our stand-ins.

We are all very thankful for such wonderful friends who make the holidays still seem very special and warm, even when we have to be away from our family. We are also very thankful for our family, whom we cannot wait to share our baby girl with this Christmas season. And, last but not least, we are truly thankful for Noella Josephine Holt - who has enriched our lives beyond anything we thought possible. Happy Holidays to all!

Monday, November 22, 2010

No Jo's First Snow

It dumped snow on us today, so Noella, I (and Dean Martin) stayed in and got into the holiday spirit. Yes, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and you can hear Christmas music on the video. So sue me!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Oregon Holts!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cross Crusading Family

Most of you probably think we are nuts. We are.... kind of. We have taken our baby and dog with us on most sundays this fall in the rainy mud to ride our bikes, only to get every shred of belongings covered in yuckiness. Let's resort to one of last year's photos:

This isn't even that bad........ 

Adam and I shuffle our dependents while the other races. Adam begins the day with a 9:40 AM start up. Noella, Zeb and I cheer our hardest for him.

Then, he cleans up as best as possible and we all spend (too long) wasting time until my race. We  usually eat lunch, hang out in the car, visit with friends there and cross our fingers that it doesn't rain. We'll watch some of the other races taking place in between ours too.

Our favorite in between race activity: eating and/or playing in the front seat. 

The "stuff"

My start time is 2:10 PM. Noella usually crashes during most of this time, while Daddy and Zeb cheer me on.

It is insanity, I'll agree. But it is something out of the ordinary that is good for our bodies, minds and souls AND we can do it as a family.

Can't wait until next sunday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trick or Treat!

There was a fast black cat on the loose in downtown Hood River and in our condo's complex this past Halloween. We could barely get it to stand still long enough to get its photo.

This was how she was able to carry her pumpkin around :) 

The kitty cat and her dog sidekick. 

Noella enjoyed "trick or treating" in downtown Hood River sunday evening. She kept pointing to all the lights with her mouth open signing "light" (one of the new words in her vocabulary). It's so funny what is amazing to little ones when there is so much excitement and stimulation around them. She kept reaching for the parking meters. Once she could touch one, she just kept smiling and patting it like "this is rrrrrreally cool" :) She wasn't even that fazed when the 8 teenagers in head to toe skin suits of different colors ran by us singing some song at the top of her lungs, but those parking meters.... nothing better!

Someone should have told me how hard it was to try and draw whiskers and a nose on a 10 month old (who turned 10 months on Halloween, thank you very much). Did I tell you she learned to say "kitty" on this VERY day. Of course a kitty is anything with fur and four legs (or an owl).