Monday, June 29, 2009


Who thought I could be so lazy so as not to post in over a month? Well, I guess that's me. I do have some excuses though: being pregnant, running a marathon, camping in Central-Eastern Oregon, moving, finishing up my previous job, going to Mexico for Adam's 30th birthday (life is tough), moving some more, unpacking the house and putting in a last minute garden in our new place. Did all of that really happen in the last month? Wow. So much for taking it easy when you're with child. 

Anyway, instead of posting on separate topics, I thought I'd just give you a sampling of the last month. Unfortunately, our camera had a minor mishap (Adam dropped it in the ocean) so no pictures from Mexico (Matt and Maggie we're counting on you guys). Here is one at dinner the first night. If any of you didn't hear, Adam was surprised that his brother, sister and brother in law all were in Mexico at the same time we were! Imagine that :) 

No real good pictures from the marathon either - only good news. We finished and did very well, if we do say so ourselves. Finished faster than anticipated! The weather was cool and breezy and we got free shot glasses of beer at Rogue Brewing afterwards. Yes, I sipped mine lightly - no, I did not have more than a few sips. Newport is where the Rogue Nation headquarters are. If you don't know about Rogue beers yet, then you must search and find them out. They are probably the best beers ever. Maybe. My favorite is Hazelnut Brown Ale. Adam likes Mocha Porter. 

Next, came our camping trip in the desert of Central Oregon. I've always wanted to check out the John Day Fossil Beds. It was amazing. The colors of the Painted Hills are out of this world. All of the different layers of color represent a different time period (I can't remember all of the geological stuff, but trust me its cool). The fossil museum showed us all the crazy ancient animals that used to roam the land before they became extinct (oreodonts, creodonts....those kinds of weird things).  We do have a few pictures of those: 

So, now all that's left is to show you some pics of our new pad.