Monday, August 8, 2011


Noella has a way of speaking lately that makes me laugh. She'll beg and beg and beg for something (most likely a pink and/or purple something. Like "purple socks? purple socks? " If I don't respond immediately she'll speak a little louder "Purple Socks", still if I'm trying to avoid the whole purple obsession, I'll continue to ignore. She'll then go even louder "PURPLE SOCKS?!?". And then I'll say something like, "oh you want some purple socks?". Finally, she'll respond "okay". Like the idea was mine from the beginning. She's a tricky little devil.....

Don't you even think about not getting my purple socks. 

Imagine her delight at the U-Pick berry farm, when we stumbled across these pink and purple chairs.


mbleckman said...

That sunglasses picture is very reminiscent of pictures I've seen of a young Uncle Alex (Ahhh-yay).

Anonymous said...

Make sure to keep the sunglasses picture for her high school graduation. Priceless! -Maggie