Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Noella's Daycare Holiday Singalong

Well, we have joined the ranks of parents with children who have Christmas concerts/holiday programs to attend. I, personally, was looking forward to it. Being someone who enjoys the performing arts, and has a slight background in them - I couldn't wait to see Noella up "on stage" singing her little heart out. She seemed pretty excited about it as well. She's been practicing the songs all month. She's always BEGGING me to let her dance "on stage" somewhere like a real ballerina. She's always "performing" around the house. This was a no-brainer for me - it was right up her alley.

I'm having a very difficult time  uploading my video. However; I won't give anything away until you can see it (unless, of course, I never figure out how to upload it...). Here are some pre-concert shots:

Obligatory family by the tree photo

This was as close to santa as we could get

Luckily, the elf promised she'd send a message back to santa

Cutie by the Christmas tree

Pre-party with her daycare friends. There was a man playing guitar before the show and the kids LOVED it. 

Spontaneous downward facing dog

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mbleckman said...

A downward facing dog, kiddie flash mob. Only in Oregon.