Thursday, September 22, 2011


I think I'll just have to tell this story through pictures. Noella just adored her Missouri cousins. Why wouldn't you if you were the youngest by 5 years and all attention was focused on YOU?! 

In a drunken toy stupor.

Noella, do you realize how lucky you are to have such willing older cousins to play with you?

Noella, about to begin her recital. 

Whittle Train Station. Outing with Mimi and Aunt Sara. 

Aunt Sara and Uncle David's house. Hanging with Hopey and "Wow" (Will)

Uncle Dabid (David)

You can't tell here, but she's in pure heaven.
Unfortunately, I was not able to get many pictures with all the other cousins. Mainly, b/c I was busy watching N enjoy her extended family. Thankfully, most of these were taken by Aunt Sara.

We also were able to spend some time with our friend, Knox.  Knox is my great friend from high school, Maureen's, little boy.

He really did like her, I think....

Lunch dates are much less of a commitment

I also did not get pictures of her new friend Roman and his mommy Lesley (also a great friend of high school). When will I learn to be better about this?

Much more to come on Kansas!

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